Uneven cash flow was holding our business back

Lazy payers locked our money away from us. We never had OUR money when we needed it.

  •  AR Manager is designed specifically to work with online accounting packages aimed at SMEs.
  •  Studies show that more than one in five customers of typical SMEs are bad payers.
  •  Few SMEs have the time or people to continually follow up on these bad payers.

It all started with a keen observation...

We weren’t consistently following up on our clients and our cash flow was irregular.
This was hurting our business as we often didn’t have cash when we needed it.
We realised we were in a similar situation to many of our clients - we were often going
into overdraft
When we compared our clients’ outstanding debtors with their borrowings and cash
flows we saw that they would save them money simply by reducing the time taken to
receive payments from their debtors.
It was clear that both us and our clients needed to spend time running our businesses
and didn't have time to manage debtors.
As soon as we started pro-actively managing our clients' debtors for them we saw
significant improvements in their cash positions.
The next thing was to manage their debtors in a way that didn't take up a lot of our staff
time. And that led to the birth of AR Manager.
Michael Billson
(Managing Director, AR Manager)


To become the complete accounts receivable management add-on for cloud accounting systems.


To reduce debtors days and unlock lost potential within your debtors book. To improve communication and customer payment habits while reducing workload.